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Hi, I'm Kerri McConnel

Hi, I’m Kerri, head content creator, writer and all-round Chief Website Officer for the successful travel website, Beer and Croissants. I’m also a business and blogging coach that would love to work with you to help you realise your own business and blogging goals, whatever they may be.  

In addition, I also create new and refreshed websites for busy business owners and handle WordPress technical issues for clients who don’t want the hassle of technology.

I started Beer and Croissants in 2015, following the end of a long career in the corporate world.

I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and spent the first few years of my fledgling business career as an accountant. Working for brands such as Defiance Mills and Panasonic as a company accountant and later in London for a major food company, I got a solid introduction to corporate business, people and culture.

A few contract roles following our time in London lead me to Australia Post, where I worked in and across many divisions including finance, product development, marketing, sales and retail operations. The final eight years of my career were in executive general management in the retail division.

I have developed strong business, operations, and people leadership skills that are an integral part of how I run my websites and my business. Knowing how to write is never enough.  I am a planner, an organiser, and a communicator who knows how to deliver results, even when the going gets tough.

My main point of difference is that I put my business hat on before I put my website hat on.  Ensuring I undertand your business and your goals ensures that you get a good result at the end.  We talk in plain English (not developer jargon) and I build what you want (not what I want).  Communication is at the heart of everything I do and it’s something I have enormous experience in.  Plus I love a chat.

Kerri McConnel 

"I have been looking for Kerri for three years! Don't waste another minute trying to decipher confusing internet information. Give Kerri a call to discuss your website or coaching needs."

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The first mistake people often make is to ask questions on Facebook forums. Everyone is an expert there but most don't have the experience, skills or knowledge of your website to give an accurate answer. Most will always direct to a generic paid course or some guide on the internet. This just doesn't work for most people.

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There are five methods of learning: visual, auditory, written, kinesthetic & multi-modal. Wading through a ton of gobbledy-gook on the internet rarely helps anyone. Working with Kerri means you can work at your own pace, in your own style in a safe environment where no question is a dumb one.

It's not all business

Part of coaching is understanding personalities and creating a connecction to each other. Here’s a sneak peek into mine.

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I use my business skills to run my website and I can use them to help make yours successful too

Highly productive and motivated to achieve measurable results
Extensive business experience
Significant people leadership experience across diverse physical locations and online
One-one-one and group coaching and mentoring experience
Successful blogger: travel, food, affiliate and small business websites
Exceptional time management and multi-tasking skills
Excellent communicator - written, public speaking, online (visual)
Widely regarded as a professional operator who can deliver results
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