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content development

Content is King, but what happens if you are struggling to produce content for your own site?  This can happen to everyone at some time of their business life.  Whether it’s time or inspiration that’s lacking, I can help you get content for your site. Written content, imagery, videos or social media, if you need it for your site, I’ve got access to a team of professionals who can get you started.

content writing

Whether it’s a new or revitalised website, having great content that stands out, reads well and ranks is important for the success of the business.  I can write regular content for your website or on an adhoc basis, when there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.  For new websites, I can also write all content to launch your website, working with you to develop the correct style.

I can also outsource content writing to a group of talented, award-winning journalists.  These people are part of my trusted business network and are available to write content for your complete website (either new or updated) or for regular or adhoc written work.

All content writers are accredited members of the Australian Society of Travel Writers.

photography & videography

If you are after stunning imagery or videography for your website, social media platforms, or even a special project, I work with and recommend Matt Williams from Matt Williams Photography.

Matt is a freelance adventure and outdoor photographer and videographer.

Matt lives and breathes the outdoors.  With a long-standing love of camping, fishing and boating, he gained extensive experience working for more than 10 years in the off-road industry with leading brand ARB.  

Matt is a specialist in outdoor, adventure and vehicle photography and videography.  He also takes exceptional astrophotography, and has also been involved in wedding and model photography in his earlier years in the industry.  You could say that he can take a great photo of anything.

He has travelled extensively through outback Australia, getting to know all the parts that most average Australians will never see.

Matt has worked with Hema Maps and various other national outdoor brands and publications.  

Matt also writes feature articles and reviews for 4WD Touring Australia, Pat Callinan’s 4×4 Adventures, Camper Trailer Australia and Caravan World.

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