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I wish!  For now it’s me and only me doing all the work.  So, when you get a proposal from me to work with you, you’ll know that I’ve written it, and I’ll be the one doing all the work.  You will liaise directly with me and I’ll be the one keeping you informed along the way.  That’s what my clients like and it’s why they choose me.

No, you haven’t missed it!  There’s no prices mentioned here for anything other than coaching.  That’s because I don’t build or refresh websites in any kind of standard package.  Why?  Because I haven’t found a client yet who wants the same thing.  Every job is different and every njob is priced according to what the client wants, not what I will give.

I like to work as quickly as possible and aim to meet new client’s requests.  However, there is usually a queue and I need to make sure I can fulfil my existing client obligations before I accept new ones.  Your timeline can be discussed when we have a preliminary chat.  I’m quite sure we can work something out.

To faciliate coaching for people, regardless of location, and to keep the costs down, all coaching is conducted online via Zoom.

Not everyoNe has a clear view of what they need straight away.  In order to fully understand your business, your brief, and your goals, we will catch up on Zoom first, before I put a proposal forward. *Only for pre-validated requests.

I’m not a developer but you don’t need to be for a lot of the basics of WordPress.  I’m great at troubleshooting too, and even if a developer is required, I can point you in the direction of a good one.  In the meantime, I can help troubleshoot issues with your website or put you on a maintenance program so you don’t need to worry about all the annoying back-end stuff.

I’ve been in your position before.  You know the one, where people talk to you in tech-speak because they don’t know how to speak any other way, or they think it’s super clever.  With a long history of people leadership, I’ve had to learn all the different ways of taking a key message from a CEO and deliver it to the front line so that a) it’s actually able to be understood and b) it can be executed in order to deliver results.  If you need someone to speak your language, you’ve found the right person.

Yes, I will prepare presentations and present on the subjects including: how to start a WordPress blog, WordPress basics, tips for building a successful blog from the beginning and SEO and keyword research.  Custom content can also be created depending on the request.

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