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Take advantage of my business, coaching and blogging experience right now and book me for one-on-one blog coaching, mentoring or strategy session.  

Looking to improve your blog but don’t know how?  Do you have information overload?  Are you a business owner looking to start a blog and want it established quickly and correctly?

Let me help you achieve your blogging goals.


The internet and social media are littered with special offers and online courses all guaranteed to tell you all the things that you need to know and that you aren’t doing correctly.  In a theme that is all too common, they will hook you in with a couple of highly sensational keywords and click bait that they absolutely know will touch a nerve. 

“How to grow your blog traffic in 30 days”, “How to increase your blog traffic with Pinterest”, “How I made six-figures in a year” and so on it goes. 

They are clever, catchy headlines, written by those who are already playing the game and have often been doing so for some time.  They know how hard it is to break through in an online blogging world that is saturated with content, or in today’s world, struggling with developing a successful blog during a global pandemic.  

Scratch beneath the surface of many, however, and you could just change the brand name on the front, and realise that you are reading exactly the same tips.  There might be some pieces of information here or there that you haven’t heard of, but if you’ve been around for a while, it’s unlikely.  If you are brand new to the blogging game, you will find some immediate benefit, but it won’t be sustainable.

That’s why my services are so popular and rewarding.  They are not based on trends or getting a quick win.  I offer my clients sensible, grounded, professional support based on their own individual needs.

There is no silver bullet for a successful blog. Being successful takes hard work and dedication, an understanding of the complex world of blogging and having the right motivation to focus on the right things!

Why don't online courses always work?

The internet is continually changing. It’s a dynamic world, where the large players like Google, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest like to keep everyone on their toes. Often, as a result of changes they make, bloggers need to adapt, meaning these cheat sheets and quick online courses are not always current. Or, they are too simplistic. 

Recently I produced and delivered a Pinterest webinar to members of the Australian Society of Travel Writers. Already, some of the content requires modifying as a result of changes by Pinterest.

How often have you been intrigued by a headline, or even the hype surrounding a course and think to yourself, “This might be good for me.” Then, having shelled out good money for a course, you find five minutes into it that you know this stuff, or, it doesn’t dig deep enough to provide actionable methods that can make a difference. It’s mostly fluff and superficial.

What happens once you’ve done the “How to succeed on Pinterest” course and your traffic still hasn’t improved? What happens when Google changes the algorithm and moves your previously high ranking blog posts further down the list? Or, what happens when something like the Coronavirus hits and you watch as your hard work disappears as people stop travelling.

Many of these (generically designed)courses are designed for quick wins and not for building a sustainable, earning future for those who sign up.  They are designed to make money for the producer, not necessarily the attendee.

Creating a blog is easy

Creating a blog is easy.  Google the internet for “how to set up a blog” and the search results will be overflowing with the same information over and over again.  Read them and you will think you are on easy street.  How hard can it be to find a name, find a theme, find a web host and implement a few other high-level things?  It’s at this point that things start to get a whole lot trickier.

Developing and growing a blog is not so easy

Manage your way through setting up your theme and plugins, choosing the best host, understanding SEO and keywords, setting up the correct permalink structure and a good site hierarchy. If you’ve got this far, you’ll be on cloud nine. This blogging gig isn’t that hard after all.

You start to write, even share on social media and join a thousand Facebook Groups that are again mentioned all over the web.

You realise you have invested much time into your blog, but months even years later, you haven’t made any traction in the online world. Pageviews are still low, affiliate sales are minimal, and you can’t join advertising platforms because you don’t drive enough traffic.



Whilst there are a few (and only a few) good courses out there, in my opinion, the cold hard fact here is that no course or quick win article will set you up for success on its own. You need to keep putting in just as much hard work, perhaps more than you have, but you need to direct your efforts differently. No two blogs are the same, no matter how much they might look to be on the surface.

SEO is unique to each site and based on a myriad of factors, all of which you need to understand correctly to be able to analyse, then research, then implement. Google Analytics needs to be understood, implemented and reporting monitored. Where are your affiliate income sources actually coming from? Are you continually producing new content but still have no idea about how to use keywords properly?

Are you updating old content in a way that is actually valuable? Or are you just fluffing around the edges? Do you understand the importance of a fast website, or keeping your themes up to date, or looking after the backend?

Do you procrastinate when you should be working? Do you lose focus or motivation? Do you keep looking for things to implement to avoid doing the things that matter most?  Do you actually know what will make an immediate difference to your website?


One of the key reasons for failing to take a blog to the next level is a lack of direction, motivation and understanding what the next steps are

You need a blog coach

Let me make this clear from the outset.  My one-on-one blog coaching and mentoring program is not a course!  It is an individual program designed to help you where you need it the most.


Blogging can be a lonely and isolated world. When I’m not travelling, my world is my office, and I don’t often leave, sitting here from early in the morning until night, and often sneaking back down after dinner. I work on my own a lot.

But, I’m driven and motivated by getting things done so I can work in this type of environment. Many others can’t, needing the input of others to keep their sanity. That’s why just having a chat with me about what you are trying to achieve, or what your challenges and issues are can help.

You get my dedicated attention. I listen to whatever it is that you want to discuss about your blog and we work together. 

There is no set way of running each session. There are no real rules. Each session with me is fluid and will move wherever the questions (and you) take it. I’ll keep you on track and keep you focussed along the way.  I’ll ask you the hard questions that need to be answered.

I can provide hands-on interaction and support at each session if this is what is required, or merely a chance to ask the questions you haven’t had time to find the answers for. 

Here’s what you receive from a one-on-one blog coaching session

Coco chanel once said "the best things in life are free" but she definitely wasn't talking about blogging

If you are willing to work hard, listen, take advice, put the advice into action and invest in your blog and our coaching sessions, then this could be exactly what you need.

It is important to understand that there is no “one size fits all approach” and nor is this a quick win, get rich quick program.  Ultimately the success depends on so many factors – your niche, competition, ability to write compelling content that ranks, your dedication to improving your business and so much more.  It will also take time.  It may take months, even longer, depending on the current level of your blog.  The good thing is that everything you do to your blog can be measured, in time.

Here's what you won't get in a coaching session

I run several websites and online businesses myself. I also travel a lot (well before COVID was a thing anyway), so I won’t be doing the work for you. (unless you want me to, but that’s a different scope). 

You can check out my other website services for other things that I do for my clients. This is a coaching role. I will help you, talk to you, guide you, drive you, remind you, and do everything I can to keep you on track, but you need to commit to doing the work yourself.

Here are some of the areas where I can help (click to expand)

You’ve got ideas but that’s where it stops.  I’ll help you work through the why, how, when questions.  I’ll help you identify what success looks like, who your competition is, and whether you are really ready for the blogging game.

Set up your domain name.

Find the best web host for your website. Most times, cheapest isn’t best.

Choose the right theme that will support your strategy, your content and be easy to customise and work with.

Consider the impact on speed in all of these early setup decisions.

Develop your website content strategy and ensure that you are only writing content that meets this strategy and the needs of your audience (whilst having an overriding SEO approach)

Learn how to write for SEO and to do your own keyword research to ensure your content  ranks. Learn how to utilise SEO titles and meta descriptions to maximum effect.

For modern websites, it’s all about creating the best possible user experience across a range of devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).  Websites must be easy and quick to navigate whilst still directing your audience to the areas you want them to focus on (and which ulimately might increase your chances of making more money)

What you can measure you can change and improve.  I can help you understand your analytics and other reports to help you to drive traffic, monetise your website and determine where your time should be being spent.  Use this data to drive optimisation strategies and to grow your revenue.

I can fill in all the blanks that the online guides don’t tell you.

How to find the best affiliates, tips for making the advertising thresholds and useful affiliate plugins as well as how to sign up and implement them on your website.

Knowing all the information only goes so far.  I can help you create workflows and schedules to ensure you are developing content for and marketing your website to its potential.

Who would benefit the most from my blog coaching?

Can I coach you?

Not everyone can work together. Years of coaching has taught me this. Success is driven not only by the exchange of information but by having trust, respect and confidence in each other.  Prior to signing anyone up for a multi-session package, we’ll have a quick chat first.

I am currently coaching clients from the creative writing industry, journalists, photogrpahers, small businesses, travel bloggers and relationship coaches. The work covers initial blog set up, rebranding and creating new websites, remediating existing websites, SEO and keyword coaching, analytics and backend and technical work.

I am currently coaching people from all over the world.  We do everything via Zoom so there are absolutely no border restrictions whatsoever.

Read the testimonial from one of my regular coaching clients, Sarina Elder.


If you have any questions about how this blog coaching works, you can also send me an email at kerri[at] If any of the above packages don’t suit you, don’t worry, flexibility is at the heart of good business. Send me a message on your thoughts and we can discuss.

Otherwise, if you are all set to get started, just complete this form and I’ll be in touch.

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